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We are acting as your representative in Turkey. UTA GROUP is an expert Turkish firm in import, export and operations, holding international distributorship contracts and having business connections in every continent of the world . UTA Group finds the most quality and economical producers in every country, particularly regarding construction and industrial materials and provides its customers with the right material rapidly and in the most appropriate conditions. Its professional personnel are expert in this issue. UTA Group uses cash in advance method in all of its buying and selling activities and in this way, buys goods in quite appropriate conditions, sells such goods against quite a little profit and creates monetary volume and expands its customer portfolio thanks to its corporate experience. UTA Group generally provides two types of customers with service. First group of customers consists of medium-size foreign construction firms which are unable to establish their own purchasing, logistic and operation departments due to high costs depending on the project realized and less experienced in export and import activities. We provide these firms with services as if we were their purchasing, logistic and operation departments and such provision of services are much more economical for these firms than formation of their own departments. These services include project quantity, translation, storage, loading, purchasing, export and etc. Second type of customers consists of world’s giant or multinational firms or DIY chains which are unable to cause their suppliers to meet their requirements (documentary obligation and proving certification compliance) due to intensive and tough bureaucracy within the body of these firms despite appropriate working and pricing conditions. For instance, we establish a relationship between a giant chain store and noninstitutional firms from which such chain store desires to buy materials in Turkey and in which foreign language is not spoken. UTA Group is official distributor or major customer of international and big producers acting in the countries such as Italy, Malaysia, India, Turkey, and China. Generally, we meet the requirements of project, material and operations regarding every field of activity from the ground to roof, from excavation works to landscaping related to construction materials and industrial products.
Dayman has set out the principles to be an institution that produces solution-oriented products in Turkey without compromising on quality based on R & D and P & D. Our company produces all technical products which are essential needs of the sector by following the high technology closely and accepting high quality standards as nominal. DAYMAN provides added value to the sector with its professional staff and the principle of continuous technical support operation in the field.
Zeva is a civil and construction company that has built a strong reputation for delivering a quality service, on time, and at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of civil construction and this, combined with our extensive knowledge of the upper western Turkish market, has established us as major players for importing construction goods to main construction companies in the country.
Selena Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of construction chemicals for professional contractors and home users. The Group comprises 30 subsidiary companies and state of the art manufacturing plants which produce polyurethane foams, sealants, adhesives, ETICS components and waterproofing materials. Established in 1992, Selena was one of the pioneers offering modern construction chemicals on the Polish market. Today, Selena Group employs more than 1700 people and is among the top three manufacturers of one component polyurethane foam in the world. Our effective distribution network covering Europe, Asia, North & South America reaches 42 000 customers and millions of end users all over the world. Thanks to an integrated research & development function with laboratories in Poland, Spain, Turkey and China, Selena invests in innovative solutions that change the way we build for the better, and continuously expands its product portfolio. The global experience gained in diverse local markets allows the Selena Group to develop fast and to create solutions tailored to the needs of the users. Manufacturing plants located in Poland, Spain, China, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Romania and Kazakhstan cater to the growing demand for Selena products.
DEVRUS YAPI LTD was founded in 2013 in Bursa, in Turkey . As a company, we professionally carry out export activities for construction materials, construction equipments, food products, food processing machines, medical materials, textiles, electronic goods based on this.
Established in Kayseri in 1975, ESP Building Materials served all provinces of the country and helped the growing business world to grow in the sector as a result of the internet usage. Today, we are proud to be a company that produces solutions to serve in Turkey's imports and exports of high value company brand.
The CoverEdge® Barrier System was developed to mitigate the ‘Fall from Height’ and ‘Dropped Object’ risks that can be found in almost all industries. This unique barrier system can be used to provide temporary or permanent protection for stairways, floor edges, etc. and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. Additionally, with the patented ForkAl® barrier section, material handling and transferring activities can be carried out safely without the need to remove the safety barrier. ,CoverEdge® barriers have been engineered to provide a robust, practical, versatile solution and are manufactured with high quality materials, complying with national and international regulations and standards. Currently, CoverEdge barriers hold Certificates of Conformity to U.S Federal OSHA Standards, Canadian Federal and Provincial OHS Regulations, and are recognized with the Turkish Standards Institute. CoverEdge® barrier systems are easy to ship, install, dismantle and functional for multiple applications. CoverEdge® Barrier Systems are being implemented by leading companies who are serious about eliminating injuries and fatalities caused by dropped objects and falling from heights.
Since 1968, our company has been operating as a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, importer and exporter in the construction and construction materials industries headquartered in Istanbul. Over the years we established Baydarsan Ltd. Sti. and operate all our import and export activities under one umbrella. We have built a foundation of strong business ethics based on key values where our customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business and we pride ourselves on never compromising on the quality of our service, both during sales and post sales to ensure long lasting partnership based on trust. With our strong portfolio of products, we continue to partner with our customers in almost every region of the world especially within the African Countries where we have strong footprint.
The founding partners of Yapitas Construction Materials are young entrepreneurs who have opened their own businesses with the support and advices of their customers, friends after serving in the sales