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We are acting as your representative in Turkey. UTA GROUP is an expert Turkish firm in import, export and operations, holding international distributorship contracts and having business connections in every continent of the world . UTA Group finds the most quality and economical producers in every country, particularly regarding construction and industrial materials and provides its customers with the right material rapidly and in the most appropriate conditions. Its professional personnel are expert in this issue. UTA Group uses cash in advance method in all of its buying and selling activities and in this way, buys goods in quite appropriate conditions, sells such goods against quite a little profit and creates monetary volume and expands its customer portfolio thanks to its corporate experience. UTA Group generally provides two types of customers with service. First group of customers consists of medium-size foreign construction firms which are unable to establish their own purchasing, logistic and operation departments due to high costs depending on the project realized and less experienced in export and import activities. We provide these firms with services as if we were their purchasing, logistic and operation departments and such provision of services are much more economical for these firms than formation of their own departments. These services include project quantity, translation, storage, loading, purchasing, export and etc. Second type of customers consists of world’s giant or multinational firms or DIY chains which are unable to cause their suppliers to meet their requirements (documentary obligation and proving certification compliance) due to intensive and tough bureaucracy within the body of these firms despite appropriate working and pricing conditions. For instance, we establish a relationship between a giant chain store and noninstitutional firms from which such chain store desires to buy materials in Turkey and in which foreign language is not spoken. UTA Group is official distributor or major customer of international and big producers acting in the countries such as Italy, Malaysia, India, Turkey, and China. Generally, we meet the requirements of project, material and operations regarding every field of activity from the ground to roof, from excavation works to landscaping related to construction materials and industrial products.

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